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Fun Workout Environment, Great Classes and Targeted Personal Training Sessions

At the Lyceum Health Club in Manahawkin, we offer a uniue workout setting to meet all your health and fitness needs.  This includes an unmatched variety of exercise machines, a variety of exercise classes and a variety of workout areas.

Personal Training
Experience the advantages of a one-on-one workout session by signing up for our personal training program. Customized for your personal needs, it allows you to enjoy private sessions with a personal trainer.  Discount packages available - call for pricing.

Group Exercise Classes
Stay in shape in the company of friends or other health buffs by joining any of our group exercise classes. Each class lasts for one-hour and has varying sizes depending on your chosen class. Classes cover Zumba,Yoga, Pilates, and all types of step and resistance exercises.

Group of People on Exercise Classes

Discount Membership Rates
Affordable rates and our high-quality amenities distinguish us from our competitors.

Annual Memberships are charged monthly.  Short Term/Seasonal Memberships are available.  

               Special Student rate $21.99/mo.          Speical membership rate $29.99/mo.    

                                               Includes Group exercise classes       

                 Women's membership rate $18.99/mo. to our exclusive women's area.  

         Student walk-ins: $10   Adults:$15  (2 day packages  $24)  (10 day packages $100) 

Contact us today in Manahawkin, New Jersey, for inquiries on our exercise classes and the benefits of our gym workout sessions.